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This page is a DRAFT.

Required Hardware Connections

  • First determine your board revision.
  • If you have an ER-301 with board revision 7 (i.e. ER-301 manufactured before June 2018), then please go here.
  • Otherwise go here.


You can enable teletype i2c communication by navigating to Admin > Package Manager, highlight the teletype package and then press ‘config’ (M6) to enter the teletype configuration screen.

Here you can set the ER-301 i2c address. If you have one ER-301, then use 0x31. Use 0x32 for your second ER-301 and use 0x33 for your third (!) ER-301. This way the teletype will automatically route your commands in the following manner:

Teletype Port ER-301 Port ER-301 Address
1-100 1-100 0x31
101-200 1-100 0x32
201-300 1-100 0x33