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This page is a DRAFT.

Micro Delay Unit

A cheap delay for very small delay times.


This utility unit is just a very short fixed delay line. Whatever goes in, comes out a short time later (0 to 10ms). It’s very light on the CPU and consumes almost no memory.

Some application are:

  • Delaying triggers or gates a few milliseconds so that an associated CV signal has time to settle on its target value. See Selection via CV/Gate for more details.
  • Delaying the sync trigger on Looper that is writing to a shared buffer, so that it doesn’t clobber a player unit sharing the same buffer and sync signal.
  • Useful anywhere a small fixed delay is needed with as small a CPU load and memory footprint as possible.



Simple Fader

This fader sets the delay time. If you want a modulate-able delay then please use the regular Delay Unit.

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