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Single Cycle Unit


Takes any sliced sample and turns it into a interpolating wavetable oscillator. Each slice is interpreted as containing one cycle of a waveform.


Often you might have a library of waveforms where each waveform is stored in its own WAV file. You can easily load a selection of these waveform files into this unit as a Sample Chain.

Common Oscillator Controls

  • V/oct: Transpose fundamental by an amount in cents.
  • f0: Set the fundamental frequency in Hz.
  • phase: Set phase as percentage of one period.
  • sync: Trigger a reset to the beginning of a cycle.
  • level: Set the output gain.

Special Controls



Selects which waveshape (i.e. slice) to render from the wavetable. If scanning between adjacent waveshapes then the wave produced is a linear interpolation of neighboring waveshapes.

Commands for Samples

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