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This page is a DRAFT.

Sine Osc Unit

This unit is a full-featured sine oscillator with inputs for both exponential and linear frequency moduleation (FM), phase modulation (PM), amplitude modulation (AM) and feedback. The linear FM supports thru-zero operation.

Common Oscillator Controls

  • V/oct: Transpose fundamental by an amount in cents.
  • f0: Set the fundamental frequency in Hz.
  • phase: Set phase as percentage of one period.
  • sync: Trigger a reset to the beginning of a cycle.
  • level: Set the output gain.

Special Controls



The feedback parameter determines how much of the unit’s (pre-level) output should be used to self-modulate the phase offset. Increasing amounts of feedback causes the sine wave to morph into a saw-like or ramp-like waveform.


For low frequencies (<55Hz) and high feedback amounts (>0.95), the oscillator will turn chaotic briefly as it passes through zero.



  • Additive synthesis
  • Thru-zero FM synthesis
  • Phase Modulation synthesis (PM)
  • LFO with sync capabilities
  • Follow this unit with a limiter to create a square wave.
  • Waveshaper

You: Where are the controls to change the waveform?
ER-301: You don’t need them. The replace command in every unit’s menu is a more powerful and general alternative which lets you replace any unit with another unit bringing over values and sub-chains of similarly named parameters. This works particularly well for quickly replacing this unit with any of the other oscillator units.


You: OK, but I want to smoothly morph between different waveshapes!
ER-301: You are looking for the Single Cycle unit, a wavetable oscillator.

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