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This page is a DRAFT.

SC.TR Unit

Renders the teletype's SC.TR command.


The SC.TR unit has a single parameter called ‘port’ which is also modulate-able. This port parameter matches the first argument of all of the SC.TR commands on the teletype side. If desired, you can have multiple units set to the same port.

For example, the following teletype command:


will cause all instances of SC.TR units with port equal to 42 to output a pulse. Bang!

Teletype Commands

The following commands are available on the teletype for control of this unit. In all cases, the first parameter is the port number which can take any value from 1 to 100.

Command Description
SC.TR port α Set TR value to α (0/1)
SC.TR.TOG port Toggle TR
SC.TR.PULSE port Pulse TR using TO.TR.TIME/S/M as an interval
SC.TR.TIME port α time for TR.PULSE; α in milliseconds
SC.TR.POL port α polarity for TO.TR.PULSE set to α (0-1)

(Adapted from: TELEX Command Reference by bpcmusic)