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This page is a DRAFT.

Spread Delay Unit

mono version

stereo version


This unit can only be loaded into stereo chains. It is essentially the same as the Delay unit except that it replaces the two independent delay times (left and right delay) with a single shared delay time and a spread value.


This unit will (silently) transform into a regular Delay Unit when loaded into a mono chain.


See the Delay Unit for the other parameters.



This parameter only appears in stereo chains. The left and right delay times are affected by the spread value in the following manner:

\[\begin{array}{lcl} \text{left delay} & = &(1-\text{spread}) \times \text{delay} \\ \text{right delay} & = & (1+\text{spread}) \times \text{delay} \end{array}\]

For example, if the spread is 0.1, then the Left Delay is shrunk by 10% and the Right Delay is expanded by 10%. A spread of -0.1 would have the opposite effect. Subtle amounts will “spread” the repeats across the stereo field while more substantial amounts of spread will result in a kind of ping-pong effect.

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