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This page is a DRAFT.

If your board is revision 7 then please go here for power information

Peak Current Consumption

Rail Peak Current
+12V 250mA
-12V 30mA
+5V 0mA

Peak Power consumption is about 3.5W.

Protection and Risks

The +12V and -12V inputs are protected from reverse-voltage and over-voltage. However…

If you use your ER-301 without screwing it down to the rails and it falls between the rails into your live powered case, you WILL short various sensitive parts of the rear of the ER-301 to the live voltages of you power bus, and very likely destroy your ER-301. This really goes for any of your modules. So please screw your modules in before turning on your case.


If your case was on, this module is probably dead now, or, it will fail mysteriously within the next 10 or 20 times that you power it on.